Unexpected Journey: Livingstons

livingstons-300x300GRADE:  B-

  • Album – Unexpected Journey
  • Artist – Livingstons
  • Label – Custom
  • Style – Progressive
  • Release Date – 05/27/16
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (Apple Music)


Today we take a look at the latest album from the Livingstons; Unexpected Journey.  I am at that point in the year where I need to finish up the album reviews on my to do list.

I know the Livingstons is a new group to 99% of my readers but I remember two stellar albums the group released in 1997 (No Stone Unturned) and 1998 (Stories).  Both released by Daywind.

For those being introduced to the Livingstons, the group is composed of Denny (lead vocalist), wife Alonna (alto) and daughter Brittany Potter (soprano).  The group has a power house vocal presentation to their progressive Southern Gospel style.


  • Anytime you get a chance to hear a songwriter interpret their own composition is a big bonus.  Denny is featured on the album’s stand out track, “The Prodigal”.  While the theme is not new, anytime a listener can be assured the father is waiting with open arms to welcome them home, can never be heard enough.
  • Unexpected Journey lacks a good mix of up-tempo songs.  The stand out is the album’s opening track, “Where I’ve Been”.  The trio does some great ensemble harmony work.
  • The album’s title track, “Unexpected Journey”, allows mother and daughter to trade verses on this country flavored tune.  Absolutely worth a listen!
  • Daughter Brittany Potter is featured on one of the best recorded songs of 2016 with the song “Grace”.  The song interprets grace as an unpainted canvas, the artist has yet to paint.  Love this song!
  • The listener gets more awesome ensemble harmony work on the song, “He’s All I Need”.  These three voices combine for a vocal punch that will leave you hitting repeat.
  • While the top half of the recording is much stronger than the latter half, there is one song on the latter half that stands out and that is the Alonna feature; “While I’m Waiting”.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “The Prodigal”, “Where I’ve Been”, “Grace”, “Unexpected Journey”, “He’s All I Need”, “I Just Don’t Feel Like Giving Up” and “While I’m Waiting”.
  • As I already mentioned the second half of the album falls off from the caliber of material provided listeners on the first half of the recording.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Say Bye To Your Chains” and “People Need Love”.


I was pleased to hear the Livingstons recording music again.  I was blown away when I first heard “I Will Lift My Voice” nearly twenty years ago.  Make it an effort to take a listen to Unexpected Journey.

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “Where I’ve Been”/Ensemble – Denny Livingston, Brittany Potter  2. “Unexpected Journey“/Brittany; Alonna – Denny Livingston, Brittany Potter  3. “The Prodigal“/Denny – Denny Livingston  4. “Grace”/Brittany – Brittany Potter  5. “He’s All I Need”/Ensemble – Denny Livingston, Brittany Potter  6. “I Just Don’t Feel Like Giving Up”/Alonna – Denny Livingston  7. “I’m Trusting”/Brittany – Denny Livingston, Brittany Potter  8. “While I’m Waiting“/Alonna – Denny Livingston, Brittany Potter  9. “This Side Of The Storm”/Denny – Denny Livingston  10. “Say Bye To Your Chains”/Brittany – Denny Livingston, Brittany Potter  11. “People Need Love”/Ensemble – Denny Livingston, Brittany Potter

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