Promises: Jim Brady Trio

jimbradytrio2016promisesGRADE:  B

  • Album – Promises
  • Artist – Jim Brady Trio
  • Label – Daywind Records
  • Style – Progressive
  • Release Date – 10/14/16
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (Apple Music)


Today we take a look at the latest album from the Jim Brady Trio; Promises.  The album hit retail on October 14th, 2016.

This is the third album from the trio; their second with Daywind Records.  This is also the first album with newest member Layke Jones.

The group continues their progressive Southern Gospel style.  Some moments are reminiscent of classic Bill Gaither Trio.


  • The album’s stand out track is the group’s current radio single; “Homesick For Heaven”. This progressive Southern Gospel ballad features Jim.  Many can relate in the message conveyed through the song.
  • One of the best up-tempo numbers found on Promises is “God Is With Me”.  Melissa gets a chance to show off on this infectious tune.
  • Jim and Melissa go back and re-record a song they recorded when they performed as the Shulers in the late 1990’s.  “Peace In The Shelter” is a soothing mid-tempo song that would make a strong radio single possibility.
  • Jim, Melissa and newest member Layke Jones give listeners a rousing rendition of Squire Parsons classic, “I Go To The Rock”.  Their arrangement is similar to what the Hoppers provided on their 1994 album; Never Thirst Again.
  • The album is filled with song covers.  The trio go back and pick up a Talleys tune; “Wherever I Am”.  It was good hearing this song again.
  • Melissa has a big Southern Gospel power ballad with the Dianne Wilkinson penned, “Calvary”.  This song should translate well to the live concert stage.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Homesick For Heaven”, “God Is With Me”, “Peace In The Shelter”, “I Go To The Rock”, “Wherever I Am”, “Calvary” and “Farewell But Not Forever”.
  • I know it was his first recording, but I would have liked to hear Layke Jones have a couple more features.  He adds some great harmony moments on Promises.
  • The one feature Layke does get is the Jim Hill classic, “What A Day That Will Be”.  Love the song, but there are too many versions of the song floating around.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “What A Day That Will Be” and “A Wonderful Life”.


The Jim Brady Trio have already catapulted themselves to the top of the Southern Gospel echelon.  Jim’s name recognition as a member of the Booth Brothers did bring instant success but it will be continued quality music, like found on Promises, that will keep listeners coming back.

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “A Wonderful Life”/Ensemble; Jim – Jim Brady, Melissa Brady  2. “God Is With Me“/Ensemble; Melissa – Jim Brady  3. “Homesick For Heaven“/Jim – Kelly Willard  4. “I Go To The Rock”/Layke; Jim – Squire Parsons  5. “Calvary”/Melissa – Dianne Wilkinson  6. “Tell Me”/Ensemble – Bill Gaither, Gloria Gaither  7. “What A Day That Will Be”/Ensemble; Layke – Jim Hill  8. “Wherever I Am“/Ensemble – Steve Richardson  9. “Peace In The Shelter”/Jim – Jim Brady  10. “Farewell But Not Forever”/Jim – Jim Brady


One thought on “Promises: Jim Brady Trio

  1. Thank you for this review! I am looking forward to getting my hands on this album soon. I do have one question though. A few weeks ago, I saw the CD information for “Promises” on the Daywind website. At the time, there were a total of 13 songs listed on the track list. I now see that the track list has been reduced to 10 songs. The three songs no longer listed are “Welcome to the Family,” “Mountain Mover,” and “Consider the Lilies.” I remember seeing a video clip on Facebook of the tracking session for “Mountain Mover.” It sounded amazing. Just wondering if these songs are being saved for a future recording? I sure hope so. Thanks again 🙂 Love the Jim Brady Trio!!!!!

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