NQC 2016: Tuesday Night Recap

2016-lefevre-branded-photo-800x480Tuesday night of the 2016 National Quartet Convention is now in the record books.  The night overall was mediocre, especially compared to last night’s memorable moments.  I was hard pressed to find the highlights.  Tonight, there are definitely more misses than hits.

  • I’ve enjoyed the hall of fame segments the last two evenings.  Carroll McGruder’s music, along with the McGruders had a ton of impact on me as a teenager.  Glad to see him honored.
  • Boy, do I miss hearing a steel guitar at Southern Gospel concerts.  Thank you Jeff and Sheri Easter for providing that highlight tonight.
  • The Down East Boys was an early highlight.  “One Way, One Name, One Door” is one of the most played Southern Gospel songs in my playlists for 2016.
  • Kim Collingsworth’s speech about music/life was far better than anything else the group’s segment provided tonight.
  • The LeFevre Quartet ended the evening on a strong note.

  • Did the tenor mic seem off tonight or was it just the tenor singers?  The tenor vocal in the mix (at least through the web cam) overpowered the other vocalists for the majority of sets.  The sound crew didn’t take the mic from last night’s presidential debate, did they?
  • Did Mark Bishop burp on the ending to “Pray On The Little Days”?
  • Have the Inspirations thought about retirement?
  • The Booth Brothers trying to create a musical moment with the Collingsworth Family derailed when “Life’s Railway To Heaven” turned in to a train wreck?
  • Speaking of the Booth Brothers/Collingsworth Family segment; combined the artists got one hour on stage and they still went over.


**Now to crown the best of the night:

Best single song performances (in order of appearance):  (1) “One Way, One Name, One Door” – Down East Boys  (2) “It Is No Secret” – Booth Brothers  (3) “I Know” – Kingsmen  (4) “I Want To Walk With My Lord” – LeFevre Quartet  **some of you would think I didn’t watch the entire night because of the number of song performances I enjoyed.  But I did, oh I did.

Best Set of the Night:  I nearly named my bed best set of the night for keeping me comfortable while watching tonight’s program but the LeFevre Quartet came through in the end (despite staging “Oh What A Savior”) to pull off the most solid of any on the night.


4 thoughts on “NQC 2016: Tuesday Night Recap

  1. So glad you enjoyed our set tonight. I’m an avid reader of your blog during NQC week. It was a tough choice for us to end the set with Oh What a Savior. We realize it has been covered many many times through the years and it’s not a song that I’m known for as it would be for like Ernie Hass. But with our set being the last for the night and my desire to have a chance to sing my favorite song on the NQC stage, we went with it. It was a personal dedication to my grandfather who sang it as a bass solo in his quartet, and for my mother who’s hand I held, singing this very song to her as she took her last breath before entering into Heaven almost two years ago. I was humbled to see the audience was blessed by the song tonight just as I have been blessed by it for all these years. Keep up the great work and thanks again for your dedication to covering the news and artists of this music. Be blessed! Jeremy Peace

    1. Hey Jeremy,
      Thanks for stopping by. My only gripe about the song is that it is over sung. With that said, there is no other tenor who can currently hit the notes you do on the song.

  2. Have to disagree with you Steve, but the Perrys had the best set of the night by far. The best single performance of the night was “Calvary Answers for Me.” Great to see Tracy doing better after his recent health problems.

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