Southern Gospel Tidbits

DID YOU KNOW?:  The 2016 edition of the National Quartet Convention gets under way in Pigeon Forge, TN tomorrow evening.

I will be providing evening recaps of this year’s event providing all the hits and misses as I’ve done the last five years.  Are you looking forward to NQC 2016?

*Video Credit (Clarke Beasley)


One thought on “Southern Gospel Tidbits

  1. My name is Paul Robinson and I am visually impaired. I am a radio DJ from Murfeesboro, Tn. I am goingto NQC and I am needing someone to help me to get around. I usely go for the hole week. I want to know if you know someone that can help me. 1 day, 2 days,3 or 4 days. I can work around your skegeual. I don’t have anybody that can help. If you know someone, please call me at 615-569-7734. Thanks. Paul

    On 9/24/16, Southern Gospel Views From The Back Row

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