Lineage: Perry Sisters

perrysisters2016lineageGRADE:  B+

  • Album – Lineage
  • Artist – Perry Sisters
  • Label – Custom
  • Style – Progressive, Traditional Country
  • Release Date – 05/06/16
  • Available For Digital Download? – NO


This week we take a look at the latest album from the Perry Sisters; Lineage.  This is the first new album from the Perry Sisters since A New Season in 2007.

Many current listeners don’t know the impact the Perry Sisters had in Southern Gospel music from the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s.  The all female trio had their biggest hit in 1988/1989 with “There’ll Be A Payday”.

The 2016 edition of the Perry Sisters is composed of Diana Gillette (lead), Nicole Mathews (alto) and Tammy Underwood (soprano).  Diana Gillette is an original Perry Sisters member and also responsible for writing nearly all of the Perry Sisters music over the course of their 40 year career.


  • Lineage is a collection of 16 songs mixed with new material and song covers.  The strongest song is a new song, “No Stranger To The Pain”.  This song is reminiscent of the great Perry Sister songs of the past.  Diana takes the lead on a song that should be considered for Southern Gospel radio.
  • The group shines on several Perry Sister remakes.  One of the group’s first big hits in the mid 1980s was “In The Ark Of Safety”.  The trio re-records “In The Ark Of Safety” and makes for one of the best listens on the album.
  • Another Perry Sisters cover is “Build My Home”.  The remake is slower in tempo than the original and Diana conveys the song perfectly.
  • The group kicks in to high gear with a cover of the biggest up-tempo song of their career, “Bought By The Blood Of The Lamb”.  Smart to place this song at the end of a 16 song recording.  It may have you hitting repeat.
  • Another new song that deserves a shout out is one that is a co-write between Gillette and Mark Mathews.  “Here I Am” is a reflective song with just piano and Diana’s vocal.  An absolute must listen!
  • The album opens with a nice country flavored up-tempo number, “How About You”.  The song sets the stylistic tone for the rest of the album, which is filled with traditional country sounds layered with progressive Southern Gospel music.
  • The Perry Sisters also decide to cover another of their biggest songs, “Imagine If You Will”.  Many listeners remember this song with the concept video the group recorded in the early 1990s.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “No Stranger To The Pain”, “In The Ark Of Safety”, “Here I Am”, “Build My Home”, “Heaven Holds All To Me”, “Imagine If You Will”, “How About You”, “The Writing’s On The Wall” and “Bought By The Blood Of The Lamb”.
  • Lineage has a string of slower tempo songs in the middle of the recording that tend to bog down the pacing of the album.
  • Can we put a moratorium on Southern Gospel artists recording “It Is Well With My Soul”.
  • While covering Perry Sister classics, I think the group missed a chance at re-recording the biggest hit of their career; “There’ll Be A Payday”.
  • The Perry Sisters need to make Lineage available for digital download.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “It Is Well With My Soul” and “You Can Catch A Miracle”.


It is a bold move to trust listeners with a 16 song recording.  That is a lot of music to digest in one sitting.  If you were a fan of the Perry Sisters during their prime, you need to pick up this album.  I am certain the Perry Sisters are new to a lot of my readers who maybe only have a decade of familiarity with Southern Gospel music.  If so, take a chance on Lineage, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “How About You”/Ensemble – Diana Gillette  2. “No Stranger To The Pain“/Diana – Diana Gillette  3. “The Writing’s On The Wall“/Diana – Diana Gillette  4. “In The Ark Of Safety”/Ensemble – Diana Gillette  5. “Hold On”/Ensemble; Nicole; Diana – Diana Gillette  6. “Look Who’s Holding Them Now”/Diana – Diana Gillette  7. “The Silence Of The Night”/Diana; Nicole – Diana Gillette  8. “You Can Catch A Miracle“/Ensemble; Nicole – Diana Gillette  9. “Build My Home”/Ensemble; Diana – Diana Gillette  10. “Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand”/Tammy – Jennie Bain Wilson  11. “I Heard About A Stone”/Ensemble – Traditional  12. “It Is Well With My Soul”/Nicole – Horatio Spafford  13. “Here I Am”/Diana – Diana Gillette, Mark Mathews  14. “Imagine If You Will”/Diana – Diana Gillette  15. “Bought By The Blood Of The Lamb”/Ensemble – Diana Gillette  16. “Heaven Holds All To Me”/Ensemble – Tillit Teddie

**Here is the original concept video to the song mentioned in the review; “Imagine If You Will”.


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