Southern Gospel Tidbits

nqc-96DID YOU KNOW?:  We are just over a week away from the 2016 edition of the National Quartet Convention.  It seems as though the NQC becomes less and less buzz worthy each year.  Looking back 20 years to NQC 1996 and the fan awards program that year; these were the artists nominated.

  1. Booth Brothers
  2. Common Bond
  3. Crabb Family
  4. Men Of Music
  5. Ruppes

There are some fairly big names in that list of nominees.  Do you know who won?  Common Bond.  Some of you are probably scratching your head when you see names like Booth, Crabb and Ruppe, but tis true; Common Bond won horizon group at the 1996 fan awards.

*Video Credit (herecalico)


One thought on “Southern Gospel Tidbits

  1. As I read and thought about your post, I think Common Bond and Men of Music are probably the only 2 groups that were listed who actually are/were male quartets. Is this true?

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