SWOT Analysis: LeFevre Quartet

lefevre-quartet-11-x-17-poster (375x190)I re-started the SWOT analysis feature up three months ago and haven’t posted since.  Lets change that.  Working in the business world, the SWOT analysis is used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of an organization while also looking at opportunities and threats the organization could face.

This week’s SWOT analysis will take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of Southern Gospel quartet; LeFevre Quartet.


  • The immediate name recognition of Mike LeFevre allowed the LeFevre Quartet an instant listen by most Southern Gospel audiences.  His time spent with Gold City and to have the legendary name LeFevre were both huge strengths.
  • Being a male quartet in an industry dominated by male quartets allows the group comfort that listening audiences will enjoy what is provided musically.
  • The hire of Jeremy Peace at tenor was a great decision.  His vocal talent at the tenor spot is unmatched by most in Southern Gospel music.
  • Having Mike and Jordan, both LeFevres, as a constant with the group allows stability among Southern Gospel listeners.


  • The group has had consistent turnover in the bass vocal spot.  If I’m not mistaken, the group is currently traveling as a trio as they look for a new bass vocalist.
  • The quartet needs a few signature songs that will be immediately recognized as LeFevre Quartet songs.  That doesn’t always translate to success but it helps.


  • Having the name LeFevre still in Southern Gospel music is a plus.  The group should do more to honor the LeFevre heritage in songs they perform in concert.
  • I would love to see a modern-day quartet revive, “Go Out To The Program”.  Performed by the Oak Ridge Boys in the early ’60s and then later by the Kingsboys in the 1980s.


  • The consistent turnover at the bass vocal spot could ultimately leave the LeFevre Quartet a trio.  Look what happened to Brian Free & Assurance.  This could definitely cause the group to lose appeal with some listeners.
  • As Southern Gospel concert crowds continue to dwindle, this leaves the entire industry at a crossroads of where future revenue will be generated.


*Video Credit (Clarke Beasley)

2 thoughts on “SWOT Analysis: LeFevre Quartet

  1. I really appreciate your analysis and totally agree. I like the LeFevres and want them to be successful but I don’t see a good business model. Also I would love to see someone do “go out to the program ” again that could do it justice. Would also be unique now and a definite crowd pleaser.

  2. I agree: a signature song is needed. As of right now, I couldn’t name a single song of theirs. Also, it’s amazing that I know some of the big names in their group, but it seems like they’ve never taken off and been a “big name” group. It puzzles me that some groups, like the Lefevre Quartet, have top tier talent but never become a top tier group.

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