Politics And Southern Gospel Music

Hillary (300x300)Today, I wanted to touch on a subject that will get a rise out of everyone.  All my readers (in America) realize this is an election year.  Everyone has an opinion of why they are voting for a certain candidate.

What irritates me is when an individual thinks they can tell you what to think and how to vote.  The biggest problem is when artists tell an audience from the stage their political views and who and who not to vote for.

Trump (300x300)From a concert attendee; leave your opinions to yourself.  I don’t care what you’re political beliefs are.  I don’t want to hear who you are voting for.  I don’t want to hear how much you despise the other candidate.  I don’t care.

I paid to hear you sing, not attend a political rally of how America will crumble if so and so is elected.  This kind of garbage is spewed every election year and America goes on ticking, moving ahead.  A meteor hasn’t fallen out of the sky to take us out yet.

And especially, this election year when both major parties have two highly unpopular candidates.  Please do not try to convince me how I should vote because you’re the one that looks ridiculous.  Come November 8th, go into the polling booth and hold your nose, just like the rest of America trying to determine which of the two you think is best of the worst.

So until then, politely sit down, no one wants to hear it.


3 thoughts on “Politics And Southern Gospel Music

  1. Agreed… And…I don’t care to hear a sermon at a concert… For the most part, they are preaching to the choir. I paid for singing!!

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