Hot Or Not? – “The Old Time Way”

Happy Friday.  A couple of weeks ago I started a new feature titled ‘hot or not’.  It allows you, the reader, to tell artists and record labels whether they are choosing the best songs for Southern Gospel radio.

The Old Time Preachers Quartet is a new group composed of Jeremy Ballinger (tenor), Lee McNeill (lead), Les Butler (baritone) and Mike Holcomb (bass).  The group released their debut album, titled The Old Time Way.

In today’s ‘hot or not’ feature, you decide whether the title track, “The Old Time Way” was a good radio single choice.

*Video Credit (The Old Time Preachers Quartet – Topic)

One thought on “Hot Or Not? – “The Old Time Way”

  1. I’m really glad that this quartet is together! I enjoy their straight ahead southern gospel quartet blend and style. The message of this song in the chorus and 2nd is very good. I thought the rest of their cd was very good and will/would listen again and again.

    However, as a lifelong southern gospel fan and also a person in my 30’s, I have strong reservations about the song’s overall “push”. To be biblically clear, the gospel message is NOT “the old time way”, “the old paths” and it’s ALSO NOT “the new way”, “modern way” it is THE WAY. Its sad to me when groups and/or denominations mask the message of Christ with their traditions of how to do church. The first verse tells me exactly what i need to know about the direction of the message of the song: if your church (or possibly your salvation) is not featuring a yelling preacher, fired up southern gospel songs, shoutin’, ect…then its not “the old time way….because its the best (ie. only and right) way…if you think differently you’re probably not on the right way.” In the right church, this would get the congregation running the aisle, shouting, recalling the “glory days” and throwing babies. I believe this causes more division than it actually encourages a person to seek Christ for salvation. Unfortunately, I feel that this song is trying to simply cater to a subsection of American Christianity, even if it is the sincere heartfelt belief of the artists (which it obviously is). I’m sure those with a differing opinion from mine of elements of the song are just thinking “well good, this song is convicting him” haha.

    I can say a hearty amen to the chorus and 2nd verse and can listen to this quartet with gladness and joy. As a hardcore southern gospel fan, I love the music…however, I do have reservations with the underlying tone of the song. That’s why I give it a reluctant thumbs down. I know that I could find problems in many songs and I’m certainly not on a witchhunt of this group or songs like it, but that was honestly the first response when I heard the song.

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