Top Ten Back Then

no8-desktoplogo (236x250)This week, I decided to step back 31 years to June 1985.  The biggest quartets of the era (Cathedrals, Florida Boys, Gold City, Inspirations, Singing Americans) had a song in the top ten in June 1985.  The Kingsmen, also part of that list, would find a home at #8 for the month.

The Felecia Shiflett penned, “Empty Vessel”, from the Kingsmen’s 1984 recording, The Game Of Life, spent the month of June 1985 at #8 on the Southern Gospel radio singles chart.  This was the most successful single from this particular album.  The song would go on to peak out in the top five.

1985 (250x233)Other Happenings In June 1985:

  • The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics for the NBA championship.
  • After the disaster of New Coke, Coca Cola announced they would bring back their classic formula.
  • Earl Weaver came out of retirement to manage the Baltimore Orioles.
  • A bomb destroyed Air India flight 747 near Ireland, killing 329.

*Video Credit (herecalico)


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