In Search Of Southern Gospel’s Greatest Songwriter – Nomination Round

songwriting1Over the last two years I did a series in search of Southern Gospel’s greatest album and Southern Gospel’s greatest song.  Earlier in the year, I mentioned I wanted to do a series this year looking for Southern Gospel’s greatest songwriter.  Today is the nomination round.  This is how I would like you to pick the nominees.  List one contender for each decade from the 1960’s through present.  List a songwriter whose compositions best represented the decade.  I will provide my list as an example.  Please leave your nominees in the comments section.  Nominees may be repeated.

  1. 1960’s – Mosie Lister
  2. 1970’s – Dottie Rambo
  3. 1980’s – Squire Parsons
  4. 1990’s – Shannon Childress
  5. 2000’s – Gerald Crabb
  6. 2010’s – Lee Black

8 thoughts on “In Search Of Southern Gospel’s Greatest Songwriter – Nomination Round

  1. Hi Steve. Are you planning on compiling results so a songwriter of the decade is named as the winner for that decade, then the best songwriter overall for all decades? In reality, the more people you get to participate in your voting from as many fans as possible, the more your results might be meaningful. So, before I let Facebook groups or anyone else know about this poll, I would appreciate knowing what your expectations and rules are, if you don’t mind providing a little more detail. Thanks Steve!

  2. 1960 – J.D. Sumner
    1970 – Andre Crouch
    1980 – Kirk Talley
    1990 – Phil Cross
    2000 – Gerald Crabb
    2010 –

    In going back over songwriters and the time they became either prominent or “burst” on the scene that the 90’s seemed to be a good decade.

  3. 1960s – Rusty Goodman
    1970s – Ronny Hinson
    1980s – Squire Parsons
    1990s – Dianne Wilkinson
    2000s – Rodney Griffin
    2010s – Rodney Griffin

  4. 1960’s – Leroy Abernathy
    1970’s – Harold Lane
    1980’s – Mike Payne
    1990’s – Carroll McGruder
    2000’s – Aaron Wilburn
    2010’s – Joseph Habedank

    It’s very hard to think of some of these songwriters by decade because many of them span many decades. There have already been many great ones nominated, so I tried to think of some other worthy nominees that I didn’t already see mentioned.

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