Hot Or Not? – “After All This Time”

After the huge readership and participation in the hot or not poll yesterday for the Gaither Vocal Band’s “Let It Start In Me”, I thought I would offer another hot or not selection today.

The Talleys just released the second single from their latest album, After All This Time.  After garnering a top 5 hit with the first single, “The People In The Line”, the group (along with the record label) chose a nice mid to up-tempo song for the second single.

It happens to be the title track, “After All This Time”.  The song was penned by Lee Black, Kenna West and Tony Wood.  Hot or not?  You decide.

*Video Credit (The Talleys – Topic)


One thought on “Hot Or Not? – “After All This Time”

  1. I think they got this one right. The two best songs on this album are (IMO) “The People in the Line” and “After All This Time”.

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