Hot Or Not?

gvb2014mountainmaxWhile traditional radio still has a place in the music industry, the 21st century way of listening to music is personal playlists.  We have basically become our own radio programmer, DJ and personal radio station.  We have accounts with programs like Apple Music or Spotify and create playlists of all of our favorite music.  I create new playlists all the time as I am introduced to new music/artists.

You get a glimpse of that every month with my fab five feature.  With that said, does the record labels/artists always pick the right songs for radio?  With streaming services counting every play (for royalty payment purposes), do Southern Gospel record labels/artists view this information to determine what songs listeners play the most and use that information to consider future singles.

I can’t answer that question, but it did bring a new feature to mind.  I will allow my readers to let the record labels/artists know whether or not they are picking the right songs for radio.  Periodically, I will present a new radio single in this feature and you the reader/listener will give the song either a thumbs up or thumbs down.  Let your voice be heard.  Let record labels and artists know if they are making the right decision.

The first song featured for hot or not is the Gaither Vocal Band’s new single, “Let It Start In Me”.  This is the third single from the group’s 2014 recording, Sometimes It Takes A Mountain.  Bill and Gloria Gaither along with Dony and Reba Rambo McGuire wrote the song.  Did the group pick the right song for radio?  You decide; thumbs up or thumbs down?

*Video Credit (Gaither Vocal Band – Topic)


4 thoughts on “Hot Or Not?

  1. Great idea for a feature. I often disagree with single choices. Has You Brought Is Out ever a single? Should’ve been. I think they’re close to having a new record out.

  2. I so agree with this new column. It should be interesting. It is time for the Singing News and such to go to a weekly chart instead of once a month. Doing a chart as slow as Singing News does makes for less singles. Depsite our busy world, there should be more singles released not less. For instance Amber Nelon Thompson has had the new album out for a year now and still only 2 singles were released. Yet, with the Nelons, 5 singles were released from “Beside Still Waters” Same thing with the Browders. More hit singles from the same album “Time Machine”

  3. “You Brought Us Out” is my favorite song on that GVB album. It should have been the first single in my opinion. I’m not a huge fan of “Let it Start in Me” but I also don’t care for “Sometimes it Takes a Mountain” (too draggy and depressing). However, I know several people that absolutely love that song, so to each their own I guess.

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