This Changes Everything: Cana’s Voice

canasvoice-thischangeseverythingGRADE:  B

  • Album – This Changes Everything
  • Artist – Cana’s Voice
  • Label – Stow Town Records
  • Style – Progressive, Inspirational, CCM, 70’s R&B
  • Release Date – 05/27/16
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (Apple Music)


The most anticipated Southern Gospel album release of 2016 has finally made its way to listeners; Cana’s Voice, This Changes Everything.

Three solo artists (Taranda Beene, Doug Anderson, Jody McBrayer) came together to form a powerhouse vocal trio.  They partnered with Stow Town Records to release this debut album.

Cana’s Voice pushes the envelope stylistically to a point that almost leaves them out of the Southern Gospel market altogether.  There are several CCM throwbacks covered on This Changes Everything.


  • The stand out track on This Changes Everything is the album’s first radio single, “Jesus Never Fails”.  This Gary Driskell CCM throwback is the most Southern Gospel friendly song on the recording.  It allows all three vocalists to each take a part in the song and then come together for a power house close.
  • Doug Anderson is featured on the progressive mid-tempo song, “Love Anyway”.  Doug carries over his ‘love’ theme from his newest solo effort and gives listeners one of the best moments on This Changes Everything.  This would also make a strong Southern Gospel radio single possibility.
  • The strongest moments on the album are when all three vocalists come together.  “I Won’t Go Back” is one such song that deserves a repeat.  This is one song near the end of the recording that breaks up the monotony of similar arrangements.
  • Another CCM throwback that features Doug and should be given a listen is “Give It To You”.
  • The trio also attempts a cover of the Gaither Vocal Band classic, “There Is A Mountain”.  Another Southern Gospel friendly number that should translate well in the live concert setting.
  • Production values should be given a shout out as all three vocalists sound superb.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Jesus Never Fails”, “Love Anyway”, “I Won’t Go Back”, “Give It To You”, “There Is A Mountain” and “On Mountains Alone”.
  • There seems to be a trend in Southern Gospel recently where song arrangements/musical score sound so similar, the listener can’t distinguish one song from the next.  It was a problem with Brian Free & Assurance and the Taylors new recordings.  I also found the same problem with This Changes Everything.
  • I counted at least five songs that tend to all sound alike, if you were to pull out the vocals and just listen to the musical score.
  • Stylistically, This Changes Everything may not appeal to a good portion of Southern Gospel listeners.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “His Heart Is Big Enough”, “Heavenly Father” and “Hello Fear”.


Cana’s Voice pushes the stylistic meter quite far with This Changes Everything.  That is not surprising considering over half the recording are CCM throwbacks.  While the vocals are on point and really couldn’t get much better than the three individuals that make up the trio, it was really hard for me to go any higher on my grade simply for the style presented on the recording.

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “Heavenly Father”/Ensemble – Tommy Sims, CeCe Winans  2. “Give It To You“/Doug – Kim Ford, Don West  3. “Jesus Never Fails”/Taranda; Doug; Jody – Gary Driskell  4. “On Mountains Alone”/Taranda – Jeff Bumgardner, Joel Lindsey  5. “All My Reasons Are You”/Jody – Wayne Haun, Joel Lindsey  6. “Love Anyway”/Doug – Helga Kaefer, Rachel McCutcheon, Whitney Walker  7. “His Heart Is Big Enough”/Jody; Taranda – Dawn Thomas Yarbrough  8. “There Is A Mountain“/Ensemble – Robin Ann Boudreau, Marcus Hummon  9. “Same Hands”/Taranda – Jeff Bumgardner, Joel Lindsey  10. “Let The Blood Speak For Me”/Doug – Dan Dean, Joel Hanson  11. “Hello Fear”/Jody – Kirk Franklin  12. “I Won’t Go Back”/Ensemble – William McDowell  13. “Holy Spirit Come Fill This Place”/Jody – Babbie Mason, Marty Hennis


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