!!Free Music Monday!!

bowlingfamily2013safestormAnother Monday, another chance to win some free music.  Up for grabs today is the Bowling Family’s 2013 release, Safe After The Storm.

Song Listing:

  1. “Somebody’s Believing”
  2. “Drinking From The Well”
  3. “That’s What I Miss The Most”
  4. “Everything’s Gonna Turn Out Right”
  5. “Victory’s Coming”
  6. “I Know Enough”
  7. “Come Along, Let’s Fly”
  8. “Just What I Need”
  9. “I’m Glad I’m Saved”
  10. “When All I Can Cry Is Holy”
  11. “God Sent Angels”

The first person to email me (sogospelbackrow@gmail.com) the answer to the following trivia question will win the Bowling Family’s, Safe After The Storm.

**A couple of weeks ago in a Southern Gospel Tidbits post, I mentioned Mike Bowling got his Southern Gospel start with this particular group.  Who was that group?

*Video Credit (Absolutely Gospel Music)


Congratulations to Damon who was the first to correctly guess Alphus LeFevre and the LeFevres as the group where Mike Bowling got his start.  More free music every Monday.

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