Southern Gospel’s Best Songs: Down East Boys

Several weeks ago I started a new series that highlights the ten best songs an artist recorded during their career.  We’ve seen lists for the Steeles, Anchormen and last week, the Downings.  Today, I wanted to look at the best songs recorded by the Down East Boys.

1.”He Had Time For Me” (Phil Mozingo; Carolina Live, 1988)

2. “Beautiful Valley” (Marcia Henry; Miles Of Smiles, 1989)

3. “I Won’t Trade My Crown” (Rich Adkins/Gina Vera; Amen, 2011)

4.  “The Mountains Will Be Shaken” (Wayne Haun/Joel Lindsey; The Cross Still Stands, 2007)

5. “Sweet Glory There” (Stuart Cary; Mercy, 2005)

6. “That Wonderful Land” (Joshua Jordan; Ransomed, 2016)

7. “Holy All Over Again” (Joseph Habedank/Sue C Smith; Beyond The Blue, 2014)

8. “Seeing Things In A Different Light” (Steven Curtis Chapman/Jerry Salley; Carolina Live, 1988)

9. “I Remember The Time” (John Stilley; Remember The Time, 2003)

10. “I Know Your God” (Matt Rankin; One Day, 2009)


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