!!Free Music Monday!!

taylors2014measureofgrace300I trust everyone has a great weekend.  Lets give away some free music to help alleviate  those Monday morning blues.

Today, you have a chance to win the Taylors 2014 recording, Measure Of Grace.  This recording featured the four siblings on traditional/progressive Southern Gospel songs.

Song Listing:

  1. “I’m Committed To You Lord”
  2. “He’s My Guide”
  3. “Measure Of Grace”
  4. “I Want The World To See (Jesus Lives In Me)”
  5. “I Tremble”
  6. “The Least I Can Do”
  7. “The Cross Is Calling”
  8. “He Goes Before Me”
  9. “The Greatest Wonder”
  10. “Heaven Is Ready And Waiting For Me”
  11. “That Will Be Heaven To Me”

The first person to email me (sogospelbackrow@gmail.com) the answer to the following trivia question will win.

**In 2008, on the Taylors first recording (Rivers Crossed), the group recorded a song that would later (2011) be recorded by the Booth Brothers and become a big hit song.  Can you name the song?  Research is allowed.

*Video Credit (The Taylors – Topic)


Congratulations to Bobbie for being the first to answer “She Still Remembers Jesus’ Name” as first being recorded by the Taylors and then later became a big hit for the Booth Brothers.  More free music next Monday.

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