Southern Gospel’s Best Songs: Anchormen

Last week I began a new series highlighting the ten best songs recorded during an artist’s career.  Today I shine the spotlight on the Anchormen.  The Anchormen started in 1979, but didn’t rise to prominence until the late 1980’s with Benny Blackburn (tenor), Biney English (lead) and Terry Carter (baritone).  Here is what I consider to be the ten best songs recorded by the Anchormen during their career thus far.

  1. Behold The King” (David Hill; In Concert, 1992)
  2. “It’s A Wonderful Day” (Biney English; Heart Of The Matter, 1989)

*Video Credit (Dean Adkins)

3. “Borrowed And Barely Used Tomb” (Charles Isbell/Zane King; Believe, 2012)

*Video Credit (GreatAmericanGospel)

4. “Second Time Around” (William Pippin; Adoration, 1995)

5. “I’ve Been Touched” (Biney English; On The Threshold, 1991)

*Video Credit (herecalico)

6. “Giver Of Life” (Craig Hodges/Brian Hord/Shuana Hord; Anticipation, 1997)

7. “I Feel Like Running” (Kenneth Tanner; In Concert, 1992)

8. “The Cross Was Built To Last” (Angelia McKeithen; Nothing Less Than All, 2003)

9. “Where The Milk And Honey Flows” (Terry Howard/Tommy Nelson; Livin’ Our Dream, 2005)

10. “He’s Still Working Miracles” (Jason Runnels; Reflections Of Life, 1999)


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