And New Artist Of The Year Goes To……

I decided to go back through Southern Gospel awards history to determine how many new artist of the year award winners went on to have lengthy careers.  I used both early Dove Award and Singing News Fan Award winners in this feature.  The first Dove Awards program occurred in 1969 and the Singing News didn’t start awarding new groups until 1988.

The Dove Awards gave away their first most promising new Gospel talent in 1970.  Picking up the trophy was the Galileans.  The Galileans were based out of Texas and had a good run during the 1970’s.  They were the first artist to record songs in Spanish alongside other songs on their recording.  The group would be remembered for songs such as “A Way To Cross Over”, “Born Again Children”, “Born In The Spirit”, “He’s Coming Back Again”, “I’m On Tour”, “Let The World Go By”, “Light On The Shore”, “Me And Jesus”, “Plan Of Salvation”, “Plenty Of Time” and “Redemption Draweth Nigh”.

*Video Credit (Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row)

The Dove Awards had no program in 1971 due to controversy but returned in 1972 when London Paris and the Apostles nabbed most promising new Gospel talent.  London is most remembered for his time spent with the Rebels Quartet in the 1960’s.  After a stint with the Blackwood Brothers, London formed the Apostles in 1972.  In the four short years the group performed together, they would release a staggering 16 recordings.  The group never had a signature song or one to chart.

*Video Credit (Garrison’s Vinyl LP Collection)

Another Rebels Quartet alumni would pick up most promising new Gospel talent at the 1973 edition of the Dove Awards.  The John Mathews Family started after John left the Rebels Quartet in 1969.  Another fun fact is that John was JD Sumner’s brother-in-law.  The group would garner their biggest chart song in 1974 with the title track from the album, “The Gospel According To Ole John”.  The group would pick up a couple more hits with “Hallelujah Celebration” and “The Sound Of His Name”.

*Video Credit (Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row)

They happened to be the only three new artist awards handed out at the Dove Awards during its Southern Gospel heyday.  Next week we’ll pick up with the Singing News Fan Awards and their first horizon group award winner in 1988.

2 thoughts on “And New Artist Of The Year Goes To……

  1. Hey Steve, Do you what the difference was between the Singing News Horizon award
    from 1988, versus the award given out by the Singing News in ’88 called Favorite Gospel Music Newcomer?

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