The Light: Barry Rowland & Deliverance

deliverance2016thelightGRADE:  B

  • Album – The Light
  • Artist – Barry Rowland & Deliverance
  • Label – Horizon Records
  • Style – Traditional, Appalachian
  • Release Date – 03/18/16
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (Apple Music/Spotify)


Barry Rowland and Deliverance release their sixth recording to Southern Gospel listeners with, The Light.  This is the first recording to be released under the Horizon Records label.

Barry keeps the Rowland family tradition alive with the sound/style of the group.  You go back and listen to older recordings from the Rowlands and you hear that signature sound in the current group (Deliverance).

If you are being introduced to the music of Barry Rowland and Deliverance, Barry is the son of noted songwriter Kyla Rowland.  The group is composed of Barry (baritone), Tammy Rowland (lead/alto) and Shawn Rupert (tenor/lead).


  • Having Kyla Rowland as your mother surely helps in the song department.  The Light is filled with eight Kyla Compositions.  One of my all time favorite Kyla Rowland songs is covered on this newest effort from Deliverance; “He’s Still On The Throne”.  Gold City originally recorded this now classic.  Shawn Rupert turns in a solid performance to make for a must listen.
  • One of the strongest songs on the album happens to be one of the two not penned by Kyla.  “That Tomb Is Still Empty” is a power house number also featuring Shawn that should be considered for future radio single possibilities.
  • The group come together on one of the few mid to up tempo numbers on the album, “Holy, Glory To The Lamb”.  I did have to hit repeat on this song.
  • The album’s opening track happens to be the first radio single from The Light; “God Delivered Me”.  This is the type of song a listener would immediately recognize as a Kyla Rowland song.  I can already see her singing this particular number as only she can.
  • Another Kyla Rowland cover that deserves a mention here is “The Light”.  The first time I heard this song was in 1991 when the Greenes released Carolina Live.  Shawn Rupert takes the song to another level on the second verse.
  • Shawn Rupert shows the versatility of his vocal ability on the song, “So, I’ll Tell Jesus”.  This song departs slightly from the style of the rest of the album to add a bit of variation to the recording.
  • Danny Crawford can be credited with producing The Light.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “That Tomb Is Still Empty”, “Holy, Glory To The Lamb”, “He’s Still On The Throne”, “God Delivered Me”, “So, I’ll Tell Jesus”, “The Light” and “God Understands”.
  • This is the third review in a row where the album is dominated by slow tempo songs.  Artists, please answer this question.  Are there no good up-tempo songs being written at the moment?  You’re making it hard on the listener when the album is dominated by the same tempo.  Pacing is important.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “God’s Word Will Stand” and “Looking At A Risen Lamb”.


If you are a fan of Kyla Rowland’s songs, then you definitely want to give The Light a listen.  Hearing the group cover “He’s Still On The Throne”, “The Light” and “Marching In Victory” make for an enjoyable listen.

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “God Delivered Me”/Ensemble; Shawn – Kyla Rowland  2. “Looking At A Risen Lamb“/Tammy – Kyla Rowland  3. “The Light”/Ensemble; Shawn – Kyla Rowland  4. “That Tomb Is Still Empty”/Ensemble; Shawn; Tammy – Harvey Gene Smith  5. “God’s Word Will Stand”/Barry – Kyla Rowland  6. “So I’ll Tell Jesus”/Shawn; Tammy – Kyla Rowland  7. “He’s Still On The Throne”/Shawn – Kyla Rowland  8. “God Understands”/Ensemble; Tammy – Claude Ely  9. “Holy Glory To The Lamb”/Ensemble – Kyla Rowland  10. “Marching In Victory”/Shawn; Tammy – Kyla Rowland

*Video Credit (Barry Rowland & Deliverance – Topic)


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