!!Free Music Monday!!

whisnants2015walkoffaithGot the Monday morning blues?  How about I give away some free music to help ease you back in to another work week.  Let me first take this time to congratulate Phillip for winning the 2016 Southern Gospel March madness competition that concluded last week.  He chose the Kingdom Heirs and they ended up beating Karen Peck and New River in the championship round.  Thanks to everyone who participated and made this year’s contest fun.

Today, in the free give-away, we have the Whisnants 2015 release, Walk Of Faith.  Song listing as follows:

  1. “Joy In The House”
  2. “Worry Ends Where Faith Begins”
  3. “I’m Holding On To Grace”
  4. “Go Out Singing”
  5. “I Love You This Much”
  6. “My God Is So Good To Me”
  7. “Do You Know The Savior”
  8. “A Grave Mistake”
  9. “There Is A Fountain”
  10. “Walk Of Faith”
  11. “Saved Is All You Have To Be”
  12. “Healing Stream”

The first person to email me (sogospelbackrow@gmail.com) the correct answer to the following trivia question will win Walk Of Faith by the Whisnants.

**The Whisnants started as the John Whisnant Family in the early 1970’s.  The group began getting recognized on a national level in the late 1980’s when their songs began charting.  What was the Whisnants first #1 song on the radio singles chart?

*Video Credit (Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row)


Congratulations to Wayne for being the first to correctly guess “Is Anything Too Hard For God” as the Whisnants first #1 radio single.


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