Southern Gospel’s Best Songs: Steeles

Now that the least remarkable song series has concluded, it is time to get back to looking at the best Southern Gospel music has to offer.  The ten on ten was one of the most popular features when I first started this blog; highlighting an artist’s ten best recordings.

I knew I wanted to then look at the ten best songs an artist recorded in their career.  So, now starts Southern Gospel’s best songs series.  Since I labeled “We Want America Back” by the Steeles the least remarkable recorded in the history of Southern Gospel music, I thought I would include the Steeles in the first feature highlighting the group’s ten best songs.

1. “God Kept His Promise” (Jeff Steele; Southern Steele, 1995)

*Video Credit (gospelvideohub)

2. “On The Road To Emmaus” (Jeff Steele; For The Sake Of The Children, 1999)

3. “I Wanna Go Home” (Jeff Steele; Heaven City Limits, 1991)

*Video Credit (Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row)

4. “I Must Tell Somebody” (Jeff Steele; Stirrin’ It Up, 1994)

5. “He Went All The Way” (Ricky Atkinson, Jeff Steele; By Grace, Through Faith, 2002)

6. “But God” (Jeff Steele; Without A Sound, 2015)

7. “Oh What A Mighty God” (Jeff Steele; Southern Steele, 1995)

8. “Another Way Out” (Jeff Steele; It’s By Love, 1998)

9. “Jesus Buried My Past” (Wayne Haun, Jeff Steele; Left Behind, 2000)

10. “I Got Up And Went” (Jeff Steele; Southern Steele, 1995)

*Video Credit (gospelvideohub)


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