Least Remarkable Song Series – #1

The least remarkable song series concludes today with the song ranked #1 among the least remarkable recorded in the history of Southern Gospel music.

I understood when I started this series that when I finally reached #1, it would probably be a contentious choice.  The thing is, when I started compiling songs for the series, “We Want America Back” was the first song to pop in to my head.

The Steeles had a huge song in 1997 with “We Want America Back”.  The song spent four months at #1 and went on to be nominated song of the year.  The song came from an album of the same name, released in 1996 (which won album of the year in 1997).

I remember when I first heard this song (nearly 20 years ago now), my first reaction was; “from what” (in responding to the song “We Want America Back”).  I guess it was coincidental the song came out during an election year.

With another election year here, it seems the type of sentiment presented in this song remains prevalent in a certain subset of the Christian community.  Without totally alienating my readers, I will simply leave with the realization that I don’t like politics muddying my Gospel music.  As a result, I consider “We Want America Back” the least remarkable song recorded in the history of Southern Gospel music.

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6 thoughts on “Least Remarkable Song Series – #1

  1. After such an enjoyable series, what a shame that it ends on such a flat note. This song is not one of my favorites either, but it’s far from the worst ever. And worse than ‘Devil’s in the Phone Booth’? Hardly.

  2. What is there scripturaly in this song that is incorrect? No doubt, this song is not a song of evangelism because it might have a hint of “I’ve glad I’m not like one of them.” On the other hand, most Christians long for less violence, less drugs, less promiscuous sex, less abortions, etc. I see this song as a rallying cry to the church, but perhaps some of the lyrics could be interpreted as holier than thou and should have concluded with “For God so loved the world.” I have to agree with Justin “…it’s far from the worst ever…” or even the least remarkable.

  3. While I don’t agree this is “THE least remarkable song” I get where Steve is coming from. It’s his call because it’s his blog. He spends a huge amount of time doing this and I appreciate the effort……………….even if he get’s one wrong every once in a while, ha!!! Keep shaking things up Steve!

  4. Most people are ok with mixing politics and the gospel as long as it’s their own politics. I submit the following link as an example. https://sogospelbackrow.wordpress.com/2015/06/27/southern-gospel-tidbits-24/#comments

    I generally don’t like songs like “We Want America Back.” Not because I disagree with the sentiment of wishing America was a nation following closer to God. There are enough professed Christians in America that if everyone lived what they professed, being Christ like, America would suddenly become more Godly. The businesses of America couldn’t survive if all “Christians” stopped supporting sin with their dollars. So, Christians, start living like the one you profess to follow and you’ll start seeing changes you want to see.

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