!!Free Music Monday!!

Free music Monday has been extended.  I had the chance to see the Bowling Family a week ago and added six more brand new CDs to the prize vault.

I named the Bowling Family’s, Moments Like These one of the top five albums released in 2015.  Today, you have the chance to win Moments Like These.

Song Listing:

  1. “Praise God He Is Alive”
  2. “One Glorious Moment Of Faith”
  3. “I Was There”
  4. “Mourning To Dancing”
  5. “I Believe He’s Alive”
  6. “Even When You’re Asking Why”
  7. “I’ve Got My Foot On The Rock”
  8. “God Is Always Good”
  9. “God Likes Working In The Midnight Hour”
  10. “Our First Hallelujah There”

*The first person to email me (sogospelbackrow@gmail.com) the correct answer to the following trivia question will win.

**In December 2007, Mike & Kelly (Bowling Family) had their first radio single go to #1 on the radio airplay charts.  Can you name that song (research is allowed).

*Video Credit (Various Artists – Topic)


Congratulations to Connie for being the first to correctly guess “We Have A Savior” as the group’s first #1 song, as it was also the group’s first radio single.


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