!!Free Music Monday!!

taylors2012almosthome250Happy Monday everyone.  I still have (4) CDs to give away from my concert experience about a month ago.

Today, you have the chance to win the Taylors 2012 recording, Almost Home.

CD Song Listing:

  1. “The Love Of God”
  2. “Gettin’ Ready Today”
  3. “In My Wildest Dreams”
  4. “If Jesus Is There”
  5. “Paid In Full”
  6. “If The Lord Wasn’t Walking By My Side”
  7. “I’ll Keep Working, Watching, Waiting”
  8. “I Stand In Awe”
  9. “Oh I Want To See Him”
  10. “One More Time”
  11. “I’m Gonna Make It”

The first person to email me (sogospelbackrow@gmail.com) the correct answer to the following trivia question will win.

**This CD contains no less than three songs that were recorded by one of Southern Gospel’s greatest mixed groups of the 1970’s.  Name that group.


Congratulations to Damon for being the first to correctly guess the Downings.  During their prime, the Downings recorded “Gettin’ Ready Today”, “Oh I Want To See Him” and “One More Time”.


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