Least Remarkable Song Series – #2

Walt MillsWhat is the least remarkable song recorded in the history of Southern Gospel music?  You’ll have to find out next time because today looks at the song ranked #2 among the least remarkable.

Walt Mills has a long career in evangelistic work, including recording Gospel music.  Walt began his recording career in the 1960’s and carried that into the 1970’s recording a couple of albums with the Benson labels.

Walt Mills biggest success in the Southern Gospel market came in 1990 when “I’ve Got A Feeling” topped the radio airplay charts and went on to be nominated for a Dove Award.  In 1995, Walt released a song that will be forever etched in my mind as the cheesiest I’ve heard.

Chris Normand and Jeff Givens combined to pen this tune that went on the be sung by a plethora of Aunt Fossies in church on Sunday morning.  A song I will forever remember, but not because of its strength.

*Video Credit (whosazso)


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