2016 Southern Gospel Music March Madness Competition – Selection Round

BracketHappy Monday everyone.  It has been a while since I held a contest for my readers.  Several years ago, I hosted a Southern Gospel music March madness competition.  I thought we would have some fun and hold another one this year.  The details are outlined as follows.  The more participants, the better.

  1. In the comments section, pick a current Southern Gospel artist to represent in the tournament (example:  I choose the Erwins).
  2. That will be your artist through the entirety of the competition.  Once the artist is chosen, it is no longer available to be chosen by someone else.  Every choice has to be distinct (no repeats).
  3. Once I receive enough contestants for the competition, I will end the artist selection round.
  4. Once the selections are complete, artists/contestants will be seeded based on their submission entry time.
  5. Voting rounds will then begin to narrow down the field of entrants.  All readers of the blog will be able to vote.
  6. Winners will advance until we narrow down to the final four and then the final two.
  7. The winning artist/contestant will win three free music CDs/Downloads of their choice.
  8. Please leave any questions in the comments section and I will answer.
  9. Have fun!

**Let me up the ante.  I am feeling generous.  The winner of the competition will have their choice of the music CDs/Downloads or one year paid subscription to Apple Music.  So get your selections in.

16 thoughts on “2016 Southern Gospel Music March Madness Competition – Selection Round

  1. I will throw my hat into the ring and choose the Erwins.

    **Everyone get your picks in. To make this a competition, I would like to get at least 16 contestants/artists.**

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