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ProofDID YOU KNOW?:  Some so-called ‘Christians’ can be downright pathetic.  I started a YouTube channel back in September 2015 as an extension of this blog.  I present the music and let the readers decide what they like and don’t like.  I try to offer all artists who made some impact in Southern Gospel music.  The YouTube channel was a way to present songs from prior decades that are no longer available; songs that shouldn’t be forgotten.  I found out this week that another YouTube channel has taken at least a dozen of my audio/video clips and re-posted it to their channel as their own.  I have reported the channel to YouTube and even messaged the channel, to no avail.  So, Jeff and Lynn, whoever you are; I am calling you out.  If you are reading this, I want you to know you are dishonest and should really think twice about why you are on YouTube.

***I want to take this time and thank Jeff and Lynns Southern Gospel Page for taking down my original clips.  It does truly show the type of people they are.  It is good that we (Southern Gospel enthusiasts) as part of the YouTube community can respect each other’s work.  Thanks again!!

*All Clips Credited To: (Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row)

9 thoughts on “Southern Gospel Tidbits

  1. I can’t believe the timing of this post. Just last week, I had posted some rare videos of Dottie Rambo (and a couple including Buck) on youtube. Just today, I found out another Dottie superfan had swiped them and re-posted every single one as his own. I had even taken the time to list the exact broadcast dates of the clips and LPs from which the tracks came (in case someone was interested in locating the original recordings). In the superfan’s comments, he just labeled “late 70s or 80s.” To be honest, I have many more I was planning on posting over the next several months, but now I am second guessing my efforts. I realize that on one hand, Dottie would probably want her message to continue reaching every single person possible. On the other hand, I am really miffed about having my posted videos stolen and re-branded as someone else’s.

    1. Dustin, report the channel you’re speaking of to YouTube. Nothing may come of it, but at least you spoke out. Continue posting. I guarantee, this other channel will not stop me from continuing to post.

  2. I noticed this as well a month or so ago. Jeff & Lynn don’t seem to be hurting for some videos themselves, so it makes no sense why they’d want to take someone else’s hard work as their own.

    YouTube has an option for ‘liking’ a video and saving a video to ‘Favorites’. Both of these options immediately make a playlist for each category.

    Thank you for posting great clips by the way. There are several songs & groups I’ve enjoyed hearing. Quinton Mills’s “I’ve Been to the Potter’s House” and “Sing a New Song” are great. My personal favorite of all the songs (so far) would have to be the Steeles’ “I Wanna Go Home.” I’m not sure if you know or not, but someone in Jeff Steele’s family played that particular video on his mom’s pillow as she passed into eternity.

    I’m not sure if you take requests or not, but I would love to hear the McGlothlins’ cut of “I Claim the Blood”. That one is quite rare to get a hold of.

    In the meantime, just keep on posting. I, along with many others, enjoy them. The variety is great! Especially all of the cassette transfers. You don’t find many good quality cassette transfers on YouTube.

    1. I did hear that about the Steeles song. I am glad I had that clip to share to offer some comfort to the family. My goal; posting songs that should not be forgotten.

  3. Steve, were you able to contact this Jeff and Lynn directly? Yes, I don’t understand why any Christian would do that. Is there a way to protect YouTube videos from someone harvesting them? Anyway, if they have a website of their own, for example, they could post links to your YouTube videos, thereby giving you proper credit. Dustin, I hope you will put your rare material up anyway. I keep seeing some of Dottie Rambo’s footage that I had not seen before. It is too bad that more of her stuff did not get put out in DVD sets and that the Rambos’ old albums were never re-produced to CDs except in the Good Ole Days series, which are no longer available.

    1. Hello Jerry, I did contact Jeff/Lynn on three separate occasions asking them to remove the clips in question. Instead of getting a response back, a day after they upload a new clip of another one of my original uploads. So this was their response. They keep it up and I will have their channel shut down altogether.

  4. One thing I’d suggest — I know it would take more time, but how about adding your channel name to the YouTube videos? Any copying would immediately call someone out for that and hopefully embarrass them into what they’ve done.

    1. I have gone back and begun doing that and I have now changed the way I upload videos to have consistent writing throughout the entire length of the video. We’ll see if that cuts down on the theft.

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