Top Ten Back Then

#4In this week’s top ten back then selection, we transport back 36 years to March 1980.

During this era, the Singing News was muddied with all styles of Christian music, making an impact at the time.  They did try to be everything to everyone.  It wasn’t until around 1983 when Singing News shifted to focus on just Southern Gospel music.

That didn’t mean, the Southern Gospel artists at this time still didn’t dominate the radio singles chart.  The Inspirations, “A Wedding Invitation”, was #4 on the March 1980 Singing News top 40.  Penned by John Terry Frost, “A Wedding Invitation” was found on the Inspirations 1979 album; Have Something To Sing About.

1980Other March 1980 Memorable Moments:

  • Louisville beat UCLA 59-54 in the 42nd NCAA men’s basketball tournament.
  • Willard Scott became the weather forecaster on the Today Show.
  • JR is shot on the hit TV series, Dallas.
  • Mt St Helens became active after 123 years.

*Video Credit (Southern Gospel Music)


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