Hymns That Are Important To Us: Joey + Rory

JoeyRoryCountry music duo, Joey + Rory, released what will unfortunately be the group’s last.  For anyone following the story, Joey Feek led a courageous battle with cancer the last several months.  When Joey decided to stop treatment about six months ago, she left the ultimate outcome in God’s hands.

When doctors gave a dire prognosis, Joey beat those initial odds, being able to see one final Christmas with family and then most recently being able to see her young daughter’s birthday.  While mortal minds can’t comprehend someone leaving earth, so young, with so much more to give; we can’t help but question.

That final recording, Hymns That Are Important To Us is a testament of where this husband/wife held their faith.  One can’t help listen to this recording and not shed several tears as Joey takes the lead on every song.  Hearing her pour her heart in to every note.

As you read this, Joey may have reached her ultimate reward.  After saying their goodbyes several days ago, Joey has been asleep since.  As she soon awakens to the glories of Heaven, all pain gone.  Thank you Joey for showing the world courage beyond compare.  Thank you for the music you’ve given to us, to be shared for years to come.

*Video Credit (#JoeyAndRory)

*Video Credit (JoeyRoryVEVO)


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