Least Remarkable Song Series – #4

As we get ever closer to crowning the least remarkable song recorded in the history of Southern Gospel music, today we take a look at the song ranked 4th.

Taking a melody from a mainstream musical genre and re-writing it with Gospel lyrics don’t always work.  In the 1980’s, the Kingsmen had a huge hit with “Stand Up”.  The song was originally a country music tune penned and performed by Mel McDaniel.

In the early 1990’s, Billy Ray Cyrus recorded one of the worst songs in the history of music; “Achy Breaky Heart”.  The song was a huge hit during the time period and as a result a family group by the name of the MaHarreys decided they would re-write the words and record, “Jesus Can Heal Your Achy Breaky Heart”.  While the Gospel lyrics were on point; having it mixed with the melody of one of the worst songs ever recorded doomed the appeal of this song from the start.

Country music songwriting legend, Don Von Tress can be thanked for giving the world “Achy Breaky Heart”.

*Video Credit (Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row)


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