Least Remarkable Song Series – #5

hoboWe are close to wrapping up the least remarkable song series.  The song ranked 5th among the least remarkable is on the list because of the change in connotation of a single word in this particular song.

R.E. Winsett is most noted for writing one of the Southern Gospel music’s biggest songs, “Jesus Is Coming Soon”.  In the mid 1960’s, Winsett penned a song titled, “Tramp On The Street”.  The Cathedral Quartet would record the song in 1965 and the Sego Brothers and Naomi in 1966.  The only other artist in Southern Gospel music credited with recording the song is the Hopper Brothers and Connie in 1974.

I am well aware that during the era in which this song was written, the word tramp was used to describe a vagrant or vagabond.  Because the connotation of the word is now seen as something extremely different, it is hard to listen to the song without thinking of this current meaning.


2 thoughts on “Least Remarkable Song Series – #5

  1. I was born in the early 80’s and i remember as a kid, and even in my teenage years, this song would be sung in different small churches that I would attend. Most of the music were songs out of the redback hymnal and older southern gospel songs. I remember vividly hearing this sung and later having to play this song on the piano as people made a joyful noise with it.

    I do remember as a little kid that i HATED this song because the lyrics were so awfully sad. I think i understood the word “tramp”, but now I can’t listen to this song without thinking of the newer meaning to the word tramp.

    Thanks for bringing up bad memories…i’ll be crying in a corner LOL

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