Top Ten Back Then

#6 (176x200)This week I am turning the clock back 34 years to February 1982.  The Happy Goodman Family was traveling with Sam, Rusty, Tanya and Johnny Cook at this time period.

Even though Howard and Vestal’s exit from the group left a void, this combination carried on and released an album in 1981 titled, Goin’ Higher.  Johnny Cook took the lead on a particular song, penned by Thomas Alexander, that found a home on the Singing News February 1982 radio chart.  Coming in at #6 on the chart that month was the song, “I’ve Already Won The War”.

1982 (200x200)Other Memorable Moments from February 1982:

  • The United States performed a nuclear test at a Nevada test site.
  • Bobby Allison won the 24th running of the Daytona 500.
  • Final episode of the Lawrence Welk Show aired on television.

*Video Credit (Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row)


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Back Then

  1. Also, a little a little tid bit. Thomas (Tommy) Alexander, the author of I’ve Already Won The War, was tenor singer for the Mid South Boys from Sheridan, Arkansas. At that time of their career they were a regional quartet.

  2. A powerful, powerful song. I used it a lot during that period of time and it was always well received! Somebody should bring it back. Kingsmen, LeFever Qt. maybe???

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