The Gospel According To Gatlin: Larry Gatlin & Gatlin Brothers

GatlinGRADE:  B

  • Album – The Gospel According To Gatlin
  • Artist – Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers
  • Label – Curb Records
  • Style – Country, Progressive
  • Release Date – 11/06/16
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (Apple Music/Spotify)


The country music heritage of Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers have been at it now for forty years.  Larry, along with brothers Rudy and Steve have given listeners such hits as “All The Gold In California”, “Denver”, “Sure Feels Like Love”, “Take Me To Your Lovin Place” and “What Are We Doin’ Lonesome”.

Even though the group found major success in mainstream country music, the brothers have also kept their hands in the Gospel music arena.  The group has recorded at least a half-dozen Gospel albums during their career.

The Gatlin Brothers latest Gospel album, The Gospel According To Gatlin, was released in November 2015.  The country sounds you have come to expect from the brothers fill the entire recording.


  • The brothers have a current song at Southern Gospel radio; “Young Jewish Lawyer”.  This is classic Gatlin Brothers at its finest.  Larry taking the lead while Rudy and Steve offer awesome harmonies.  Stylistically, the song has the feel of the group’s classic country numbers.  Give this song a listen!
  • The top half of the recording is stronger than the latter half.  Another song the group could send to Southern Gospel radio is “I Didn’t Really Know How To Love You”.  The ensemble/harmony work on this song is stellar.
  • Larry takes the lead on the rollicking, “What Would Jesus Do”.  If Jesus showed up on a Sunday in Nashville, exactly what church would he attend.  I love how this message is presented in a fun way.  Charlie Daniels lends his fiddle talents to the song.
  • Listeners have already heard the song “Clean” from the Gaither Vocal Band.  This Gaither/Gatlin co-write is a highlight of the album.  The Vocal Band join the brothers for this must listen.
  • Rudy gets a feature on the up-tempo, “Down Down Down”.  This would be another strong choice for Southern Gospel radio.  I could easily hear a quartet arrangement on this particular number.
  • The brothers still show they can harmonize with the best in the opening track, “I Have Not Been About My Father’s Business”.  The title says it all.  There is always someone in need.  We need to be that extension and reach out and help these individuals.
  • Rudy and Steve shared producer duties for The Gospel According To Gatlin.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Young Jewish Lawyer”, “I Didn’t Really Know How To Love You”, “What Would Jesus Do”, “Clean”, “I Have Not Been About My Father’s Business”, “Down Down Down” and “I Can Build Another House”.
  • The obligatory American with a gun closes the album.  At least they didn’t wrap God up in to the song and kept it truly American.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “An American With A Remington” and “All Behind Me Now”.


If you’ve been a listener of the Gatlin Brothers music, you will want to add The Gospel According To Gatlin to your musical playlists.  There are several musical moments that all Gospel listeners should hear.

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “I Have Not Been About My Father’s Business”/Ensemble – Larry Gatlin  2. “What Would Jesus Do“/Ensemble; Larry – Larry Gatlin  3. “Young Jewish Lawyer”/Larry – Larry Gatlin  4. “Clean”/Larry – Bill Gaither, Larry Gatlin  5. “I Didn’t Really Know How To Love You”/Ensemble – Larry Gatlin  6. “Down Down Down”/Rudy – Larry Gatlin, Doug Johnson, Kim Williams  7. “All Behind Me Now”/Larry – Larry Gatlin  8. “Thank God Mary Loved Her Unborn Child”/Larry – Larry Gatlin  9. “I Can Build Another House”/Larry – Larry Gatlin  10. “What Are You Waiting For”/Ensemble – Larry Gatlin, Doug Johnson  11. “An American With A Remington”/Ensemble – Billy Dean, Larry Gatlin


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