Ageless Hymns: Songs Of Joy – Lynda Randle

lynda-randleGRADE:  B-

  • Album – Ageless Hymns: Songs Of Joy
  • Artist – Lynda Randle
  • Label – Gaither Gospel Series
  • Style – Traditional Gospel, Progressive
  • Release Date – 01/15/16
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (Apple Music/Spotify)


Lynda Randle found a home among Southern Gospel audiences when she became a regular on the Gaither Homecoming Series/Tour.

Her rich alto voice has endeared her to many fans.  Lynda continues a trend of recording previously recorded songs; a trend that started when she joined the Homecoming Series.

Ageless Hymns: Songs Of Joy has one new song among ten covers.  Lynda pulled several traditional Gospel songs that highlight this newest effort.


  • The entire album centers around three traditional Gospel songs found in the middle of the recording.  “Real, Real” is an up tempo spiritual number that allows Lynda to shine and this type song defines an album that is providing songs of joy.
  • “This Joy I Have” is the next up tempo song that should be considered for radio single possibilities.  The three up tempo spiritual numbers are not as familiar with Southern Gospel audiences and would do well.
  • Sandwiched between those two gems is another up tempo spiritual; “The Windows Of Heaven”.  These three songs are the best on Ageless Hymns: Songs Of Joy.  I wish the entire recording would have been all up tempo songs similar to these three.
  • Lynda does add some soul to the classic, “Oh How I Love Jesus”.  You will definitely find yourself singing along with this song.
  • The album kicks off with a nice up tempo cover of “Down At The Cross”.  In the Gospel tradition, Lynda has a nice choir backing her up on this particular number.
  • The stand out ballad on Ageless Hymns: Songs Of Joy is the only new song on the album; “In You I Find Joy”.  The song was written by Randle along with Joey Gore.
  • Speaking of Gore, he and Lynda produced this newest album.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Real, Real”, “This Joy I Have”, “Oh How I Love Jesus”, “The Windows Of Heaven”, “Down At The Cross”, “In You I Find Joy” and “When I Get To The End Of The Way”.
  • As mentioned earlier, being a songs of joy album, I wish the entire recording would have been filled with up tempo spiritual numbers that defined the best of the recording.
  • Instead the album falls in to the trap of recording several songs that have already been recorded a thousand times before.  They include “He Touched Me”, “The Old Rugged Cross” and “Sweet Beulah Land”.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “The Old Rugged Cross” and “He Touched Me”.


Ageless Hymns: Songs Of Joy contain at least half-dozen songs you will definitely want to give a listen.  The four song stretch between “Oh How I Love Jesus” and “This Joy I Have” is the best of the album.

SONG – Songwriter:  1. “Down At The Cross” – Elisha Hoffman, Shane Stockton  2. “Heaven Came Down” – John W Peterson  3. “The Old Rugged Cross” – George Benard  4. “Oh, How I Love Jesus” – Frederick Whitfield  5. “Real, Real” – Public Domain, Traditional  6. “The Windows Of Heaven” – Public Domain, Traditional  7. “This Joy I Have” – Public Domain, Traditional  8. “He Touched Me” – William J Gaither  9. “In You I Find Joy” – Joey Gore, Lynda Randle  10. “When I Get To The End Of The Way” – Charlie D Tillman  11. “Sweet Beulah Land” – Squire Parsons

*Video Credit (#LyndaRandle)


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