Top Ten Back Then

5This week’s top ten back then selection takes us back 32 years to January 1984.  The Dixie Melody Boys were still riding the success of their #1 hit in 1982; “Antioch Church Choir (Uncle Jesse)”.  In 1983 the group would take on a country sound with the release of the album, More Than Just Good Ole Boys.

By January 1984, the first single from that recording, “Good Ole Boys”, would find a home at #5 on the Singing News top 40 chart.  Eddie Carswell penned this tune that was taken from the Waylon Jennings, Dukes Of Hazard theme song.  This would be the last top five song for the Dixie Melody Boys until their return to traditional quartet music in 1988.

1984Other memorable moments from January 1984:

  1. Apple unveiled its first Macintosh personal computer.
  2. Los Angeles Raiders defeated the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XVIII.
  3. Madonna makes first appearance on American Bandstand.
  4. NCAA announced the basketball tournament would move to 64 teams.
  5. President Reagan announced he would seek a second term.



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