Least Remarkable Song Series – #9

CabinI tend to always highlight the best that Southern Gospel music has to offer.  Last year, in an email, I had someone ask me what I thought the worst song ever recorded in Southern Gospel music.

It got me to thinking, so this series was born.  You truly can’t appreciate the good without understanding the bad/not so good.  This series is only meant to critique the music (nothing else).

No one will argue Albert E Brumley is one of Southern Gospel music’s greatest songwriters.  He penned classics; “I Firmly Promise You”, “I Just Steal Away And Pray”, “If We Never Meet Again”, “I’ll Meet You In The Morning”, “Turn Your Radio On” and “When They Ring The Bells Of Heaven” to name a few.

Not every song can be a classic.  One song in particular is, “There’s A Little Pine Log Cabin”.  This was not the only cabin song in Brumley’s catalog.  I believe the Blackwood Brothers would be one of the first artists to record the song in the late 1960’s.

*Video Credit (Various Artists – Topic)

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