Home: LeFevre Quartet


  • Album – Home
  • Artist – LeFevre Quartet
  • Label – Activate Records
  • Style – Traditional, Progressive
  • Release Date – 02/12/16
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (Apple Music/Spotify)


The LeFevre Quartet has been working on getting Home to listeners for several months and it is finally here.  An original release date of October 2015 was pushed back to December 2015.  It will make it to online retailers February 12th, 2016 for widespread release.

Some of the delay can be attributed to the exit of tenor vocalist Thomas Nalley (who went to Gold City) and the addition of Jeremy Peace, after his exit from the Old Paths.

Home is a collection of ten songs, two of those covers.  It doesn’t stray from what LeFevre Quartet fans have already come to expect; a nice mix of traditional and progressive Southern Gospel quartet music.


  • One of the most played songs in my musical playlists in 2015 was the albums first radio single, “He Left No Stone Unturned”.  Jordan takes the lead on this song of resurrection.  After listening to the entire recording, this particular song is the biggest on the recording.
  • That goes in to an up-tempo tongue twister with a song titled, “Something”.  The same songwriting team (Casey Carpenter/Phil Cross/Joshua Johnson) that penned “He Left No Stone Unturned”, tackled a song that will leave you scratching your head the first time you hear it to figure out exactly what they are saying.
  • Mike LeFevre tackles one of two song covers found on Home.  Master’s Voice recorded a song a couple of years ago titled, “He Saved Me Anyway”.  Mike still proves he is one of Southern Gospel’s best baritone vocalists on this song.  The harmony work on this number is a must listen.  Jeremy Peace has really added some power on the high-end.
  • Speaking of song covers, the albums opening/title track is in fact the quartet classic, “Home”; originally made famous by the Happy Goodmans and then Singing Americans.  The LeFevre Quartet stays true to the original arrangement with some ensemble vocal work and them Jordan taking the lead on the second verse.
  • Mike, Jordan and Jeremy are all featured on the mid-tempo “He Was There”.  Another Phil Cross composition that would have been found on any Poet Voices recording 20 years ago.
  • LeFevre Quartet takes a progressive note out of Brian Free & Assurance’s playbook on a song titled, “Unseen Things Above”.  The arrangement has BFA written all over it.
  • Newest tenor vocalist, Jeremy Peace, takes it to the rafters on “I’ll Do Anything”.  He proves he remains one of the highest tenor vocalist in the business.  The note he hits is unreal.
  • Bass vocalist, Brandon Barry, gets a feature on a song titled “To Say Goodbye”.  We all continue to get older and one day near the end of this life; to know that goodbye is not a permanent goodbye is comforting.
  • Tre’ and Paul Corley produced this newest effort for LeFevre Quartet.  The production value is what you would expect from two seasoned professionals.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “He Left Stone Unturned”, “Something”, “He Saved Me Anyway”, “Home”, “He Was There”, “Unseen Things Above” and “I Don’t Know Why” (featuring Les Cheveldayoff).
  • The album closes with a song already found earlier in the album; “I Don’t Know Why”.  The encore features Les Cheveldayoff.  I don’t know why they didn’t use this version for the one on the album and place another song on the recording in place of a generic version of “I Don’t Know Why”.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “I Don’t Know Why” (generic version).


Already two album reviews into the new year and two recordings that I would recommend for your musical playlists.  Mike has got the quartet to the point where the sound is built around him and Jordan.  So when replacements come on either end (tenor/bass), the group tends to not lose anything vocally.  A strong start to 2016 for Southern Gospel quartet music.

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “Home”/Ensemble; Jordan – Rusty Goodman, Tanya Goodman Sykes, Aaron Wilburn  2. “He Saved Me Anyway“/Mike – Phil Cross  3. “I Don’t Know Why”/Jordan – Shawnel Corley, Tre’ Corley  4. “He Was There”/Mike; Jordan; Jeremy – Phil Cross  5. “To Say Goodbye”/Brandon – Rory Feek, Joey Martin, James Teachenor II  6. “He Left No Stone Unturned”/Jordan – Casey Carpenter, Phil Cross, Joshua Johnson  7. “Something”/Ensemble – Casey Carpenter, Phil Cross, Joshua Johnson  8. “I’ll Do Anything”/Jeremy – David Staton, Kenna West  9. “All I Can Do Is Pray”/Mike – Phil Cross, Donny Henderson  10. “Unseen Things Above”/Jordan – Lee Black, Sue C Smith, Kenna West  11. “I Don’t Know Why”/Jordan w/Les Cheveldayoff – Shawnel Corley, Tre’ Corley


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