Southern Gospel Tidbits

Cloud-Predictions-2014-700Welcome to 2016!  First official new post of the new year is a little Southern Gospel tidbits.  I thought I would provide some Southern Gospel predictions for 2016.  What do you think?  What are some predictions you have for Southern Gospel music for 2016?

  • With the half-dozen albums coming out in January and those slated for first quarter 2016; I am going to go ahead and say 2016 will top 2015 in terms of Southern Gospel album releases.
  • Amber Nelon Thompson will finally win her first soprano vocalist award from Singing News readers (I’ll stuff the ballot box if I have to).
  • Brian Free & Assurance will call it quits.
  • Canton Junction will decide to do an actual tour (not just six dates).
  • Some artist will continue to cash in on the Cathedral name.
  • The Kingsboys will come together for a reunion tour only to realize they are all now retirement age.
  • The Collingsworth Family will still be Southern Gospel’s favorite group without a #1 song.  Leonardo DeCaprio knows how you feel (Oscar anyone).
  • The Singing Cookes will choose to record another song about mama.
  • The new Crabb Family tour will have limited tour dates, until they come together in two more years for another Crabb Family tour.
  • With the number of personnel changes each group experiences, the Dixie Echoes and Dixie Melody Boys will merge in to The Dixie Melody Echoes.
  • Ernie Haase & Signature Sound will release another landmark album that Southern Gospel listeners will totally ignore.
  • Bill Gaither will remain with the Vocal Band, but only to provide his signature vocal, “boom”, “boom”, “boom”.
  • Gold City will finally realize they are not Gold City without Tim Riley and change the name of the current group.
  • Candy Christmas, Sheri Easter and Tanya Goodman Sykes will come together to record another Heirloom album.
  • The Inspirations announce their retirement.
  • Ivan Parker kicks off his 2016 tour by not wearing his signature hairpiece and everyone in the audience keeps asking each other who is on stage.
  • Karen Peck & New River will celebrate their 25th anniversary by opening and closing their set with “Four Days Late” every night.
  • Scott Fowler will find Benjamin Franklin’s book of secrets and sell it at NQC by providing quotes from everyone but Ben Franklin.
  • The Ruppes will record their first album in over a decade.
  • Tribute Quartet will finally pay Tribute to Tribute and release a greatest hits album.

*In all seriousness, I hope you all have a wonderful 2016 and I am going to leave you with this new song that is already promising to be a big hit for the Wisecarvers in 2016; “Just To Save Me”.

*Video Credit (#TheWisecarvers)

10 thoughts on “Southern Gospel Tidbits

    1. No specific reason. I am certain there will be one major artist call it quits this year. I really could have named anyone. I thought I would have some fun with a few of these.

  1. Happy New Year, Steve! love checking up your blog.

    Being not a fan of country, pop-style Southern Gospel and mixed groups I mostly like posts about quartets, history tidbits and especially acapella arrangements. If you see something like that, please do make a post – its always appreciated ! ~~odeliya

  2. I really liked this post. Great job! 👏🏼👏🏼 It was very entertaining and had some zinging truth.

    EHSS did put out an awesome album this year…

    There should be a new soprano of the year. Amber is crazy talented. It’s hard to imagine her staying in SG.

    I do wonder when Bill will call it quits. One has to wonder what will happen to the “casual” SG fans (like myself) who like the GVB and EHSS and talent in general, but who do not listen to SG music and think (insert overrated group) are the greatest of all time. I believe SG as a whole owes a lot to Bill.

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