Best Of 2015 – #1

KPNR #1Today we conclude the annual countdown of Southern Gospel’s best album and recorded song by crowning #1.  Thanks once again for indulging me on presenting one of my favorite features of the year.

When Southern Gospel music looks back at 2015 in years to come, they only need to remember one name; Karen Peck and New River.  The group’s 2015 album release, Pray Now, ranks as the best Southern Gospel album released this year.

The eleven song collection has everything a listener has come to expect from the group.  But, what sets it apart from the other albums found in my annual countdown is several strong songs, most notably, the title track; “Pray Now”.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Pray Now”, “Redemption’s Holy Lamb”, “Blessed”, “Hallelujah For The Cross”, “Lord Send Your Angels”, “Calling” and “Peace That Covers All The Pain”.

KPNR #1 SongThat leaves the #1 recorded song of 2015, which happens to be Karen Peck and New River’s, “Pray Now”.

Karen, along with Dave Clark and Michael Farren penned this masterpiece that has truly defined 2015.  This happens to be the top Southern Gospel song in my musical playlists, in regards to total number of plays, than any other song recorded/released this year.

I’m not alone, considering the readers of this blog also chose “Pray Now” as the top Southern Gospel recorded song in the 2nd annual Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row honors.  Thank you Karen Peck and New River for providing the best Southern Gospel music of 2015.

*Video Credit (Various Artists – Topic)

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