Best Of 2015 – #3

Bowlings #3For all those enjoying the week off to celebrate the holidays; thanks for stopping by.  And for all those having to work this week; I see you sneaking a peek at work.  Today we honor the album and recorded song ranked 3rd among the best in Southern Gospel music for 2015.

The Bowling Family continue to impress with the music they choose to record.  Some of the strongest song selection of the group’s career is found on the 2015 release, Moments Like These.  The family went back to a trio vocal configuration featuring Mike, Kelly and daughter Hope.

Hope even has a chance to shine on a song that will be #1 on the Singing News February 2016 chart; “One Glorious Moment Of Faith”.  Two songs from the recording landed among the top ten recorded songs of 2015; “I Believe He’s Alive” (#8) and “I Was There” (#5).

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “I Was There”, “I Believe He’s Alive”, “Even When You’re Asking Why”, “One Glorious Moment Of Faith”, “Praise God He Is Alive”, “God Likes Working In The Midnight Hour” and “Mourning To Dancing”.

Erwins #3The Erwins already found a home in the top five album releases of 2015 when Ready To Sail landed at #5.  The group continues to rise in the ranks of Southern Gospel’s best as they are now featured on many major Southern Gospel concert events held throughout the Southeast USA.

It was another CCM cover that found a home in the top 20 recorded songs released this year.  Mercy Me front man, Bart Millard, helped contribute to the song that ranks 3rd among the best recorded this year; “Greater”.

I look forward to what the future holds for this family group, who should be winning awards before too much longer.

*Video Credit (#TheErwins)


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