Best Of 2015 – #6

Amber #6Solo artists dominate the #6 spot for both album and recorded song of 2015.  The interesting thing is the album that finds a home at #6 contains four songs that was named the #1 Southern Gospel album release of 2014.

Amber Nelon Thompson’s EP, Without Your Love, was in fact the top album release of 2014.  So, when I listened to Amber’s full length solo recording, Just Sing, I judged it solely on the six songs not found on the EP.

Those six songs were strong enough to rank 6th among the best recordings released in 2015.  Even, a stuttering Bill Gaither (said in jest) didn’t reduce the listening enjoyment of Just Sing.  When you combine the six songs released this year with the four songs from last year, it makes for a must have recording.

Personal favorites from this recording include (outside the four on the EP): “Another Time, Another Place”, “Be Thou My Vision”, “Just Sing”, “He’s Making Me”, “Give It To Jesus” and “God Is Always Good”.

Crabb #6Jason Crabb already sent one song to the top 20 recorded songs of the year, when “Chance For A Miracle” came in at #12.

Crabb topped that with a song that I believe will become a standard for Jason alongside “Sometimes I Cry”.  Jason came into his own as a songwriter contributing to nearly every song on Whatever The Road.

The song ranked 6th, “If I Shout”, was a collab with Michael Farren and Tony Wood.  This song of rejoicing is one every believer can relate.

*Video Credit (#JasonCrabb)


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