Best Of 2015 – #5

Erwins #5We have made it to the best of the best; the top 5 albums and recorded songs of 2015.  After listening/reviewing 36 albums and hearing 396 songs found on those 36 albums; these I consider the cream of the crop.

The Erwins have come a long way in a short time in regards to the best group you’ve never heard to competing as one of the best mixed groups in Southern Gospel music.  2015 found the group releasing their first album on Stow Town Records; Ready To Sail.  The Erwins should proud in the fact that of the six albums Stow Town released this year, theirs ranks highest.

I have already mentioned on several occasions that the group is beyond their years in terms of professionalism and stage presence.  I am also going to tell my readers, that there is no reason you don’t have the five albums on this list.

Personal favorites from this recording include: “Greater”, “Power In Prayer”, “Well Done”, “Isn’t He God”, “Believe Him”, “Ready To Sail”, “Will You Go” and “Calvary’s One Spotless Lamb”.

Bowlings #5 (300x300)Story songs dominate the mainstream country market.  Those type songs are becoming more prevalent in Southern Gospel music.

Adam Kohout and Tery Wilkins penned the song that ranks 5th among the best recorded this year; “I Was There”.  No one, other than Mike Bowling, could have performed this song and conveyed its story.

A simple story in song relaying that Christ is there in every moment of our lives; but poignant at the same time.

*Video Credit (Various Artists – Topic)


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