Best Of 2015 – #7

EHSS #7The Christmas holiday is fast approaching.  Many have this week off of work to spend time with family.  Thanks for stopping by as we get closer to crowning the best Southern Gospel album and recorded song of 2015.

Ernie Haase and Signature Sound found a personnel shift in 2015 when Dustin Doyle replaced Doug Anderson as baritone vocalist.  The album that lands at #7 for the year, Happy People, actually has two versions; one with Anderson and another with Doyle.

EHSS continue their streak of covering quartet classics while introducing listeners to top-notch new music.  Should I also give away that this happens to be the highest ranking quartet album in this year’s countdown.

Personal favorites from this recording include: “Thank You For Saving Me”, “Jesus Changes Everything”, “Joshua Led God’s Children”, “Let Your Love Light Shine”, “One Of These Mornings”, “Happy People” and “Angels Everywhere”.

Canton Junction #7 (300x300)Canton Junction’s 2015 album release, Every Hallelujah, already found a home in the countdown ranking 13th among the best albums.

Michael Farren and Kenna Turner West would come together to pen the stand out track on Every Hallelujah that ranks 7th among the best recorded songs of 2015.  Casey Rivers takes the lead on this rousing up-tempo number that will keep you hitting repeat if you’re not careful.

Hear the walls start tumbling, tumbling.  Hear the walls start tumbling, tumbling down.

*Video Credit (#CantonJunction)

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