Best Of 2015 – #9

GV #9We are edging ever closer to finding out the top Southern Gospel album and recorded song of 2015.

Greater Vision continues to impress with their recent album releases.  For All He’s Done (2013) and The Only Way (2011) both made my annual countdown in the year in which they were released.  2015 continues that trend with As We Speak.

Branching out and recording songs from other writers added to the strength of As We Speak.  The group recorded a Joel Hemphill/Candy Christmas/Lari Goss cover with “Let The Blood Of Calvary Speak For Me”.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “We Can’t Tell It All”, “As We Speak”, “Saved By The Same Grace”, “In The Sandals Of Daniel”, “He Does”, “Let The Blood Of Calvary Speak For Me” and “I Do Know”.

ThompsonThere has already been a classic CCM song land among the top 20 recorded songs.  A second finds a home at #9 for the year.  If current Southern Gospel listeners aren’t familiar with classic ’80’s CCM, then both songs would seem new.

Amber Nelon Thompson released her full length solo album this year; Just Sing.  She requested the talents of Michael English to join her on the classic CCM cover, “Another Time, Another Place”.  This song was made popular in the early ’90’s by Sandi Patty and Wayne Watson.

Again, current Southern Gospel listeners probably thought this Gary Driskell penned song was new.  Either way, these two talented vocalists came together to record one of the best collabs of the year.

*Video Credit (#AmberNelonThompson)

One thought on “Best Of 2015 – #9

  1. Some Gospel fans that were introduced to the genre thanks to the Gaithers might have a better memory of this one thanks to Mark Lowry’s humorous take on it at one point in time.

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