Best Of 2015 – #8

Old Paths #8In March, the Old Paths would release their latest recording, Stay.  One month later, they would announce that December 2015 would be the group’s final concert.

The Old Paths have risen in the ranks of Southern Gospel’s best artists the last several years with two big album releases and several chart topping singles.  Even though the buzz surrounding Stay faded when the announcement of coming off the road sunk in, the album was still one of the best recordings released in 2015.

There was quite a discussion regarding the title track after one review of the recording surfaced.  I don’t know, I guess intimacy offends some.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “How Great The Debt”, “Stay”, “What Did They Call Him”, “You Never Cease To Amaze Me”, “Out Of The Grave”, “Ordinary People” and “Oh What A Happy Morning”.

Bowlings #8 (300x300)The Bowling Family had another successful year with the release of Moments Like These.  The family went back to a trio vocal configuration and this was the first recording for Hope to be featured soprano vocalist on the entire recording.

The song selection was some of the best of the group’s career and the album sparked two songs to land among the ten best recorded this year.  At #8 for 2015 is the Lyn Rowell/Tony Wood penned, “I Believe He’s Alive”.

Mike is featured on the song of triumph.  I see a huge hit during the 2016 Easter season with this particular number.

*Video Credit (Various Artists – Topic)


5 thoughts on “Best Of 2015 – #8

  1. “I don’t know, I guess intimacy offends some.” – that line seemed like it was missing a full paragraph of expounding. I’m not sure what you meant by it?

    1. If you’ve heard the song (“Stay”), it conveys the unconditional love Christ had for his disciples and the love a particular disciple had for Christ. I read comments after the album was released regarding the intimacy portrayed in the song.

  2. I hope people who saw that review had the good sense to buy the record and listen to it for themselves. I loved Stay and glad that you recognized it for the great project that it is.

  3. I’ve never heard the song “Stay” and probably never will. The seemingly coordinated attack against a website for not saying all positive things against the album totally turned me off to the Old Paths and their music.

    1. JSR, let me first say its sad that you’re robbing yourself of a blessing by not listening to the song. The Old Paths were a great group, just because a group of “critics” did not care for them personally has no factor into whether the group was good, bad, or horrible. Us bloggers give you our opinion, it’s up to you as the listener to hear for yourself to see if you agree or not. Don’t let anyone make up your mind for you.

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