Best Of 2015 – #11

JPVE #11Today marks the halfway point in this years annual countdown of the best Southern Gospel albums and recorded songs.

The top new artist, in terms of album releases, in 2015 is Jay Parrack and Vocal Event.  Many listeners know of Jay Parrack for his time spent with Gold City in the late 90’s.  Since his departure with Gold City, Jay has spent time in the local Church.

After nearly a decade away from the Southern Gospel scene, Jay Parrack has teamed with Anthony Hallman and Darren Morton to perform as Vocal Event.  Their 2015 release, Sometimes He Whispers, has everything a listener enjoys about Southern Gospel music, with maybe the exception of no bass singer.  A great combination of up tempo songs with the standard Southern Gospel ballad makes for one of the best listens of the year.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “I Have Decided”, “Sometimes He Whispers”, “Love Lifted Me”, “I Know Where Home Is”, “Since You Gave Me A Song”, “Joy In The Morning” and “Gift Of Love”.

Perrys (300x300)The Perrys already found a home in the annual countdown when their 2015 album release, Sing, landed at #17 among the best of the year.

Libbi Stuffle shines on her features and the stand out performance on Sing is “Cry No More”.  In trying times, when life has us up against the wall and we’ve cried all we can cry; there is comfort in knowing that one day there will be no more crying from the trials/stress of life.

Jason Cox and Southern Gospel legend, LaVerne Tripp came together to pen this song of comfort.

*Video Credit (#ThePerrys)


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