Best Of 2015 – #12

Easters #12A bit of the country Gospel style that has a listening audience in Southern Gospel music takes over the #12 spots for both album and recorded song of the year.

Jeff and Sheri Easter have been recording together now for nearly 30 years.  To celebrate that milestone, the duo gave listening audiences, Small Town this year.  A collection of eleven new songs that bridge our love for the Father with our love for each other.

Love was the theme of this recording with “Jesus Loves You” to “I Love You” to the country love song, “The Light”.  Sheri Easter continues to be at the top of her game in terms of conveying a song to listeners.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “Jesus Loves You”, “Hallelujah Coming From The Valley”, “Small Town Someone (Lunch)”, “More Than Enough”, “My Wave”, “This Side Of The Dirt” and “When The Harvest Comes”.

Crabb #12Another country-style Gospel artist to find a home in the countdown is Jason Crabb.  He blends progressive Southern Gospel sounds with country and pop overtones for a style that is uniquely Jason Crabb.

His 2015 album release, Whatever The Road, eclipsed his last recording Love Is Stronger in that there is a whole lot more that Southern Gospel listeners will like about Whatever The Road.  The song selection is some of the strongest of his career, including the song ranked 12th among the best recorded this year; “Chance For A Miracle”.

In a world with an ever-increasing mindset that miracles no longer exist, we only need to be reminded of each new day to know that a miracle, even in the smallest of forms, still encapsulate our everyday lives.

*Video Credit (#JasonCrabb)


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