Best Of 2015 – #14

Goodman Revival #14The Happy Goodman Family’s musical influence continues to radiate through Southern Gospel music.  Tanya Goodman Sykes, along with husband Michael and the talents of Johnny Minick came together in 2015 to release, Songs In The Key Of Happy.

Rarely would an album full of previously released songs make an annual countdown for the year’s best.  Songs In The Key Of Happy is definitely an exception.  With Tanya’s strong alto at the forefront of the trio’s sound, hearing these Goodman classics sung by a Goodman makes it all the more special.

As Goodman Revival continues their recording career, I think each new album needs to be a mixture of new material along with some additional Goodman classics.

Personal favorites from this recording include: “Eyes Of Jesus”, “It Happened”, “This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me”, “What A Happy Time”, “I Hold A Clear Title”, “Settle The Score”, “Until You’ve Known The Love Of God” and “I Don’t Want To Get Adjusted”.

Triumphant #14Triumphant (Quartet) already landed their 2015 album release, Living In Harmony, in the countdown (#16 for best album).  The reason is the continued strength in song selection from the group.

One such song, “Amazing God”, is the one that stood out among the rest to find a home as the 14th best recorded song of 2015.  Yesterday, I touched on the impossible ways to convey the awesomeness of God with Greater Vision’s song that made the countdown; “We Can’t Tell It All”.

“Amazing God” is another in a long list to convey this same message.  How does one describe the awesomeness of God?  And, even though this topic has been touched on thousands of times in Gospel songs, sometimes the way it is conveyed through the vocal interpretation from the artist makes it all the more enjoyable.

*Video Credit (Various Artists – Topic)


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