Best Of 2015 – #15

JFB #15Life got in the way of getting a post up yesterday, but the countdown will not be halted as we move on to the album and recorded song ranked 15th among the best of 2015.

The Jordan Family Band kicked off the recorded song portion of the countdown when “My God Is So Good To Me” ranked 20th among the best of the year.  The album in its entirety was strong enough to be counted among the best released this year as Better Days ranks 15th.

My introduction to this family was a good one, as this album remained in my playlists a lot longer than I expected.  When I go in to listening to new artists, I prepare myself for what I am about to hear.  The majority of the time I am left wishing I had never pressed play.  Better Days ended garnering a ton of repeats.

Personal favorites from this recording include:  “My God Is So Good To Me”, “Where He’s Already Been”, “When He Was Giving His Life”, “Can’t Lose For Winning”, “I Go With The Lord”, “Still Fall Short” and “Better Days”.

GV #15 (300x300)When I reviewed Greater Vision’s 2015 release, As We Speak earlier in the year, I mentioned the group branching out and using songwriters outside of group members Rodney Griffin and Chris Allman.

As a result, it made for one of the group’s best recordings of the last decade.  The recorded song ranked 15th for 2015 is one penned by Phil Cross; “We Can’t Tell It All”.  At least a thousand songs have been penned to convey the awesomeness of God.

Our mortal minds can’t come up with the words to explain this awesomeness.  The simple message, conveyed by Greater Vision is the definition of Southern Gospel awesomeness.  There are not enough notes in the music and definitely not enough words in the lyrics.

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